TokenService (TSV) is Smart Contract Token ERC20 which was build in Ethereum blockchain’s platform, which is a new wave of tokenization whereas our token are built-in function not as payment methods but take a function as REWARD TOKEN for merchants.

Token Reward

This method was taken by the basic of crypto’s POW/POS whereas member will receive a certain rewards based on the transactional confirmation activities in the blockchain which requires a certain hardware (for mining) or performing hold of a certain amount of coins in certain period of time in order to get the rewards (for staking).

At TOKENSERVICE, to get the member’s reward you don’t need to invest any hardware, like in mining, but only by holding a certain amount of token.

In TOKENSERVICE we also change specific activities, such as shopping, doing sports, playing games or any other activities where it will generates a certain rewards and make it more productive for its members.

At certain stages, Tokenservice will create cooperation and collaboration with many merchants in order to make it simpler for any member to get the rewards. Currently, Our Developer also preparing an application enabling members to receive their reward for doing certain activities, like JOGGING, RUNNING, CYCLING, PLAYING CERTAIN GAMES and other activities. Those fun activities will be calculated and counted as a reference for reward to members. The Application will calculate your total amount of shopping, number of steps you made when you walk, the distance, your speed and see whether it reached the minimum condition to receive the rewards.

From the projects as explained above, we’re optimist that Tokenservice will be successfully spread among a large number of users, and give a significant impact to our merchants on getting more loyal customers because they are a loyal holder of Tokenservice. We also believe that our project will significantly motivate our member to do such positive activities by doing jogging, running, cycling or any productive activities. Our merchants will not be obliged to buy any of our token or need to do anything to give the reward since the reward will be prepared by our Developer.

What is Crypto?

TokenService Developer

The more merchants connected with the stakeholder of the Tokenservice digital assets will increase the value of TSV asset as a whole. With a total supply of 17,000,000 TSV will generate a very high demand and usage of TSV as token reward.

Entering the digital era, all human activities will shift from manual to digital. If we look back 10 years ago, where people need to call for a reservation of a cab, wait for an unknown period of time for the pick up, and paid in cash (which typically in higher price), compared to nowadays where everybody can order an online taxi by using a simple application through their personal mobile phones.

The price of this Tokenservice will also be determined by the supply and demand generated in the market. The Tokenservice will be available for us to trade through the Marketcrypto exchanger market.


ERC-20 is a technical standard for a smart contract in Ethereum Blockchain in implementing a token. ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment. Majority of the token issued in the Ethereum Blockchain is ERC-20 compliance.

Airdrop ERC-20 TSV Token ERC20 is available FREE for you if you support us in the development of functions and benefits within our existing projects.

ICO ERC-20 is available as an initial token offering as part of your commitment in supporting us in funding for our big projects and eventually the value of the token that you have bought during the ICO will increase as a result of the development of the project that we build together with You.



Ethereum is a decentralized digital cryptocurrency, similar as Bitcoin. Ethereum was developed and introduced in 2015 by Vitalik Buterin.

MyEtherWallet, or usually abbreviated as MEW is a common platform which are used as a platform to access and generate an ethereum wallet. Besides that, it can be used to identify the txhash of the Ethereum transactions.

Etherscan is a platform to check txhash in detail and can be use to do a tracking of a common Ethereum wallet or smart contract address. Actually, there are more features available for the etherscan, however it needs to be researched along the way. There would be more explanation for this in other separate article.

Smart Contract is an intelligent system where its users can interact with a token as in doing a payment, transfer, or staking activities based on the criteria of the token primary defined.

Tokens Sale & Values

For any member of Marketcrypto exchange, you will be able to use your personal login account in Marketcrypto to LOGIN and create a token purchase request in the Tokenservice website. For those who have not registered in the Marketcrypto, then it is highly recommended for You to register yourself first and there is a standard KYC procedure in order to get registered and being able to buy the Tokenservice (TSV) through our platform.

53.00 % distributed
1 ETH = = 0 TSV

  • TOTAL SUPPLY : 17.000.000 TSV
  • AIRDROP : 100.000 TSV
  • PRE SALE : 500.000 TSV
  • ICO LOT I : 1.000.000 TSV
  • ICO LOT II : 1.500.000 TSV
  • FOR SALE : 3.000.000 TSV


The Term and Condition of the service is a general agreements used and agreed by any stakeholder of Tokenservice in order to use the service. This terms of services also applied for non-activation of an account, especially if it involves with the security issues in our system.



We are fully concentrate on and commited to the roadmap which has been carefully calculated.Each project which listed in this roadmap is integrated one with another. The ECOSYSTEM that we plan to build will give a huge impact to the increment of value of the TSV assets.

February 2018
Project Observation
and Analysis
May 2018
Technical &
October 2018
Social and Networking &
October 2018
Airdrop Token TSV
October 2018
November 2018
November 2018
December 2018
Integrasi Aplikasi BookingOnline
dan Merchant
January 2019
Marketcrypto Exchange
March 2019
Duplication of the Masternodes Method Live Now
Application Development
Individual Activities
Take a leisurely stroll to cycling

Token Sale Stats

We had lauched an airdrop program, Pre-Sale and ICO in order to support our big projects and after an open market,
each stakeholder of Tokenservice will have the benefits with the increase of the asset value of Tokenservice.


Asset Allocation Consideration

We share openly and transparently the asset allocation volume to our stakeholders.

Detail TokenService TSV
Symbol: TSV
Initial Value: 17.000.000 TSV
Type: ERC20

Contract Address : 0xe304a2d1fdbc14cda249c84acd8d618f171b8dee

Tokenservice were designed as a reward token, the estimation of spread to our users, merchants and distribution in the exchanger for trading are carefully calculated in effort to minimize the risk of decreasing values of an asset, where it usually happened to several assets after the ICO and/or after it get listed in the exchanger.

With a supporting ECOSYSTEM which we’re currently build, such as Bookingonline, jogging, running, cycling and gaming activities which implicated to the supply and demand within its market, we believe that by holding a specific amount of token that we currently implemented to the apps user who would want to receive the reward will generate a positive impact in the market. We also will apply a limitation of amount purchase prior to the ICO period for each investor, and this will limited the massive sell in the market, so that the price of our token will stay stable along the way.

Partners and Merchants

Frequently Asked Questions

We have listed the frequently asked questions in this page below. Please contact us if you have any other question which has not been covered in this FAQ section. .

Tokenservice.id is the official website managed by the TokenService developer
To contact us, please use the contact form available below, or through our Live Chat, or email to [email protected]
You can register yourself through this SIGNUP page. SIGNUP
TSV is the official symbol of TokenService.
The total supply of TokenService is 17,000,000 TSV.
Tokenservice cannot be use as payment transaction or method nor to replace the function of cash.
Everyone is allowed to save or keep tokenservice as a digital asset.
TokenService is a token created based on the ERC-20, distributed in Ethereum Platforms, used as a reward of transactions and/or any activities in bookingonline apps or any other available merchant’s apps.
You need to be a registered user first, after that you need to make a purchase of TSV with a minimum value of IDR 500,000 and hold the TSV in your personal wallet. After fulfilling such criteria, then as a user, you will get the reward benefit automatically after you had done a specific transaction or activities to earn your rewards.
Any user will have the opportunity to receive their reward up to 2 times per day.
The minimum reward value of Tokenservice that can be received by a user is equal to IDR 2,500 and the maximum reward value of Tokenservice is equal to IDR 250,000.
No! Tokenservice was developed as a reward, however it can be traded to IDR or be exchanged to other digital assets through the marketcrypto.co.id platform.
The hard cap of TSV during the Initial Token Sale worth as much as $1,000,000 (IDR 15,000,000,000)
Hard cap TSV sejumlah $1,000,000 (Rp. 15,000,000,000)
Yes, we will give a referral bonus as much as 5% if you successfully invite new users to buy TokenService during the ICO period.
The minimum purchase is limited to IDR 1,000,000 and the maximum purchase is limited to IDR 500,000,000 per one registered user.
The project’s supporting the usage of TSV will include:
Cooperation with third party merchants
Company’s developed apps
Jogging apps
The common issues for a new digital asset is where almost every developer can go through the ICO stages successfully, but in the long run the development of the digital assets became stagnant and full of challenges. Therefor, we made a different approach by building the Ecosystem first and even launch its supporting apps prior to the TSV listing in the exchanger.
We planned the TSV project for quite some time, where it enables us to have longer time and sufficient resources for the implementation stages. All of the project was independently developed by the company and we create a collaboration and cooperation with third party partner, and we did not charge any cost to our third party partner when they had agreed to become our merchant.
ERC stands for Ethereum Request for Comment, and 20 is a specific number given to identify the transaction.
Most of the majority token which extracted on the Ethereum Blockchain is ERC-20 compliance which safe and backed up by the Ethereum Technology which was successfully tested and implemented during the last 3 years.
Of course, just like other cryptocurrency, The Token ERC20 also use blockchain and integrated to the Ethereum Technology.
Big projects are required if we want to expand the TSV ecosystem.
Our projects are expanding to many areas, not only in digital products but also in the real sector project.

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